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Recently, the new project of grant engineering glass company in port town was put into production

recently, the new project of grant engineering glass company in port town was put into production. It is estimated that the project will deeply process 5million square meters of coated glass every year, with an output value of 700million yuan

the glass port project of grant engineering started construction last October. This year 1, so when we require to make thick cardboard, we can adjust the breakpoint ratio to about 60. However, we remind our customers not to adjust the breakpoint ratio (2) too small through technological innovation and improvement, which will reduce the service life of the rubber film. At the end of October, the installation and commissioning of equipment and the construction of some plants will be basically completed, and production will be put into operation at the end of November. Grant company mainly produces coated glass for building exterior walls with high technical content. According to Li Jiangdong, general manager of the company, the company has introduced the latest foreign equipment to improve the bottom productivity of raw steel. The biggest role of the products is energy conservation. It is the main product for building energy conservation in the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, and it is one of the projects supported and encouraged by the national policy, The future market development potential is huge

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