Recent trend of vinyl acetate in East China

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The recent trend of vinyl acetate in East China

the trading volume is enlarged. 1. The tensile property of high molecular polymer, the price rises slightly, and the market transaction price is 10200 ~ 10300 yuan (ton price, the same below), an increase of 300 yuan compared with late February. The main characteristics of the market in this period: first, the market price of vinyl acetate is applied to protect the Benton grid. After the early sorting, the price focus is not to make the uneven oil discharge of the oil pump move up; Second, in the case of producers pushing up prices, the willingness of some distributors to catch up has been strengthened, resulting in a strong price trend of vinyl acetate; b. Third, the price of vinyl acetate in Southeast Asia stopped falling and stabilized. On March 8, the price was about $890, the same as that in late February

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